Congratulations to our completing Honours students

Well done to Tim Corkish and Damien 't Hart for performing well in their oral defences! You acquitted yourselves admirably!


Peter Watson continues on to his PhD

Peter Watson has signed up for some more glory in the Wild Group! Welcome to PhD land, and we hope that your time is enriching!


Marcus Kettner passes his PhD examination

Marcus has had his thesis passed with minor corrections! Congratulations Marcus!


Kim Lapere passes her PhD examination

Minor corrections, and we welcome Dr. Lapere to academia! Good luck with your future endeavours, Kim!


VMI spectrometer tantalisingly close to operation!

Ions are through to the new spectometer, and we have successfully overlapped them with the laser to detach electrons

Onwards to glory!


Vibrational resolution for the I-...O2 species

New Honours student Peter Watson has recorded photoelectron spectra of the halide-oxygen complexes, and achieved vibational resolution for the iodide species.

We welcome Peter Watson to the group

Peter has signed up for an honours project in the group, and will investigate the halide-oxygen complexes via photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio calculations (most likley CCSD(T) with large basis sets - we don't do things by half in the Laser Lab!)