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The Structure of CCl5- in the Gas Phase

August, 2019

The first experimental evidence of the structure of the CCl5- gas phase anion complex is presented in conjunction with results from high level theoretical calculations. The photoelectron spectrum of the system shows a single peak with a maximum at 4.22 eV. CCSD(T) detachment energies of two stable C3v ion-molecule complexes of the form Cl-...CCl4 were also determined. The first complex found features the Cl- bound linearly in a Cl-...Cl-C bonding arrangement, while the second, less stable minimum has the Cl- positioned at the face of the CCl4 molecule, midway between three chlorine atoms. The calculated detachment energy for the first complex was found to be in excellent agreement with experiment, allowing the structure of CCl5- in the gas phase to be postulated as a non-covalent Cl-...CCl4 anion complex, with the Cl- anion tethered by a typical halogen bond.

Latest news

Spectra and Publications are flowing

Watch this space! The group has been extremely busy, and there will be quite a few publications flowing this year. In fact, last year, the group took more novel spectra than any other year of our existence!


Welcome to new Honours student

Welcome Manon Stoate to the group for her Honours year. Great to have a fresh enthusiastic face in the group!


Christian the Traveller

Christian travels to Flinders to work with Jascon Gascooke on the VMI code. Great success! We are one step closer to imaging glory

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